"This book took my breath away. Steve has united spectacular photographs with deep and probing spiritual meditations. This volume is both beautiful and spiritually edifying. I highly recommend it."

Dr. Kenneth Berding

Professor of New Testament, Talbot School of Theology at Biola University

The books arrived yesterday in great shape.  Your book is breathtakingly beautiful and inspirational. Thanks for all of your hard work putting it together.

Rich H.

If you have read the book and would like to write a testimonial, I would appreciate it. You can do that here:

I am grateful you shared so many of your own experiences. The Lord has also brought me through some situations that were  very challenging and so it’s good to hear that I’m not alone - your words really ministered to me.

And I also enjoy your photography so much!

D. H.

I really love it. It's also a great way to share with those who aren't believers. I keep it on my coffee table, and it's natural for people visiting to be curious and pick it up. It's a great conversation piece - such a Blessing!

Sheryl M.

WOW!  Your book is truly a beautiful representation of God’s magnificent creation. Thanks so much for sharing your masterpiece!

Kendra B.

Just received your book. Amazing work you have done! We
plan to order more for friends, family and supporters.

Pat E.

My mail lady carried the heavy box of books right inside this afternoon. A friend from church & I looked through a book together - stunning! God has indeed gifted you with a wonderful eye for composition & color and for writing. Just reading the account about Laura's cancer experience brought tears. And all the discussion questions & photo info in the back - whew! How long has this amazing project been underway?! My family & friends will be blessed by such a Christmas gift.

Carol W.

I'm 70 years old and have read a lot of books. Besides the Bible, your
first book,
The Creator's Canvas, is one of the best books I've
ever read.
Can't wait to see your new one.

Steve H.

I just ordered the book. I'm so excited to receive it. Your
work is one in a million. Many blessings!

Lois E.

What a wonderful gift you have shared with the world in this book! It's beautiful, both for its photography, the quotes, and your commentary.
We will be telling friends and family about the book.

Wayne L.

 I received the book and it is absolutely beautiful. I like the way it is put together with the photographs, scripture, vignettes of your lives, as
well as the discussion questions. I would like to order more!

Peggy H.

We are enjoying your book immensely! I'm touched and inspired by what you share from the heart. We've identified 60 people we'd like to send books to...

Joel G.

Steve's book is not only lovely to the eyes, but also his honest
words from the heart make it very … real! Thanks!

Susan W.

I stayed up till 2:30 am last night, making my way thru almost every word of your wonderful book! Thank you for your work—for all the beautiful photos you have created, and for all you have done in putting them together with quotes, stories, and a love for the Creator. Thanks!

Melanie F.

I gave my mom your book, and it was a joy to watch her look at it. Later I asked her which photo was her favorite, and she said, "I don't have
a favorite - all the photos are my favorite!"

Mark M.

I am enjoying the book so much. The photos are wonderful and also the scriptures that you put together in the book. Everyone needs to get
at least one copy.

Paula H.

Your new book is simultaneously edifying and stunning! Excellent!

Dan W.

Thank you so much for your book! I am really touched by it, and enjoying my Sunday afternoons as I treat myself to another chapter of wonderful photography and testimony. 

Doreen L.

I used the book as part of my quiet time last week, and will continue to the end. Your storytelling is succinct and impactful, the photos incredible -
all causing one to look in, and up, and outward as well!

Mike T.

Your book is a beautiful testimony to God's greatness in creation and His greatness in your family's life. We love it and are ordering three more
copies to give as gifts this Christmas season.

Robert K.

The books are beautiful. I'm sure it's quite the enterprise
to compose a book like this and you nailed it!

Cathy K.

Your book is gorgeous and invites one into the majesty of the Lord. It arrived on a very dark winter day, both literally and in my spirit. The book transported me immediately to a place of worship. May the Lord bless you and may the book bear much fruit for the Kingdom. 

Kathy L.

Your book really is such a treasure – not only the many spectacular, high- quality photos, but also your inspiring, transparent stories.

Peggy D.

I got the book and it is fantastic, beyond expectations.
It really is phenomenal. I want to order 4 more. 

Jack S.

I just read your book from cover to cover. I enjoyed all the beautiful pictures, your wonderful testimonies, and your great transparency. God bless you!

Joan B.

I love,“ I Lift my Eyes to the Hills.”  I am reading it like a book and can’t wait for the next chapter.  God is so good!

Jeanne B.

Great job on your book!!! Amazing photos. Meaningful quotes. Inspiring reflections on the Word. And wonderful accounts of different ways
God has met you and ministered to you along the way.

Ted E.

Thank You for this simply breathtakingly beautiful book.  When we received our first order of 5 books, we really appreciated the stunningly spectacular beauty of the pictures, along with the marvelous spiritual focus based on the Psalms, so well written – it took our breath away.  So we ordered 25 more… If the Lord ever brings you to [our city], please drop me a note. My wife and I would love to host you for a meal to meet you and thank you in person for this wonderful book – inspired by God, and crafted by your bright mind and talented hand! 

John W.

I want to let you you how much your book blessed my heart.
I had a hard time putting it down!

Sybil C.